Top instances where Clash of Clans triche astuce is beneficial

Sometimes when your brains don’t work, it’s all on luck that you will trust while playing Clash of Clans. You might tend to think this is just not getting you anywhere. But wait, that is why Clash of Clans triche is so useful because they assure you some really exciting and easy ways to gain victory. Clash of Clans astuce provides with interesting tips that would enable us to think that there can be a lifeline during the game.

  • When you have been left out with nothing for protection except few walls and you are in need of a free shield.

Clash of Clans Triche astuce: You can place the “Town Hall” outside the walls, so that some player will want to get the trophies that you have. So, when he/she destroys your town hall for the trophies, there are higher chances they will leave your village alone. So, you eventually get a free 12 hour shield!

  • When you realize you don’t have sufficient resources and you would want the Gems.

Clash of Clans Triche astuce: You can get hold of more Gems by buying them from the store. This way you can concentrate on building your village and defense weapons more.

  • When you feel stuck with raiding another village.

Clash of Clans Triche astuce: You should never be impatient on raiding a village, when you think it would not work. Instead of that, it is safe to click the “Next” button and keep navigating until you seek a village weak by force yet that has rich resources.

  •  When you don’t know when to cast a jump spell.

Clash of Clans Triche astuce: You can jump the walls using this amazing spell button, but remember to make sure that you have an adequate number of good archers and wizards before casting the spell.

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Best Clash of Clans astuce to handle your first few days

It is natural to find yourself getting stuck in between the speed and accuracy while playing every Clash of Clans games. Because there is always a starting trouble that would haunt you for your initial couple of days. But once you are aware of the entire tutorial along with the  Clash of Clans triche astuce, you can take less nervous breaths during the play.

But remember that, those first days are in fact the most crucial part of the game. Want to know why? Because you can build the protection shield over your village, only when you make up for your defenses. So, initially, one major Clash of Clans astuce is that, you have to concentrate on buying, collecting and upgrading your resources which would be Gold Elixirs or Mines. Clash of Clans triche gives an opportunity to buy and save Gems from the store. Especially these elixir collectors and Gold are important to begin your initial building. Hence, you have to make sure that you have collected sufficient numbers. And remember that you have to develop the ability to store at the beginning itself. And you should also update those storages too. Instead of aiming at creating a new storage station, you must look at updating the already existing ones.

You can even forget about the worries of building walls during your first few days of gaming. Because you get the shield initially and that in fact lasts for 3 full days, which is sufficient to enable protection. So defense materials like cannons or walls can be ignored. However, if by attacking another player in the multiplayer strategy, you might have to sacrifice the shield, in that case, Clash of Clans triche astuce helps us to also buy Gems for immediately activating the process of building walls. However, to avoid all that, one major Clash of Clans astuce is that, it is better to participate in single player missions!

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